Nature+Friends….All Good

After a snowshoe outing near Mt Hood with our friends Mark and Gina, I am once again reminded of our deep connection with nature.  I cannot imagine my life without it.  We are truly blessed to live in Oregon!  Beaches, mountains, great city parks, rivers, lakes, creeks, and campgrounds.  I enjoy car camping as much as remote mountain climbing.  BEING in nature is what I crave.  Even a quick trip to the local park can serve that purpose.  It has never been me against nature, only me with nature.  There is a bonding between people that happens together in nature that cannot be duplicated.  Food tastes better, your body feels more at home, and all of your senses are sharper, and the conversations are less distracted from outside stimulus.  

In this gadget and digital age it is sometimes easy to get lost in the phone, blackberry, Facebook, tv, twitter, GPS, computer, iPod, Wii, kindle, LinkedIn, internet, etc., etc, etc.  For a “unique” experience try going out to the nearest park and enjoy the outdoors!  As humans we have an inherent connection to nature and the earth.  This interconnectedness is very real having been scripted in our dna from our earliest ancestors.  Who doesn’t love to sit around the campfire and do you really know why?  Getting in touch with this connection stays with you  for the rest of your life.  Everything in society is go, go, go.  In nature it moves along at its own pace, and after an hour you start to go with that flow.  Your heart rate slows, you start to see and hear things you most likely would miss in the city.  You will be very relaxed and sleep better, feel healthier, and have an overall sense of peace.  

In nature you do not have to “make” things happen.  You simply allow things to happen in its own way around you.  You discover you are a small piece of the greater whole.  If you are observant you may even see your role in it and can carry this into your other roles in life, creating a deeper sense of balance through being in touch with your natural self. 

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