Where you are right now…All Good

Talking with a friend over lunch and reminiscing about the “good old days” I found myself starting to think about what was not in my life anymore.  This is an easy trap to fall into!  I had to stop and think.  The days are all good and the now is most important since it determines the next now which in turn becomes a belief.  People, items, jobs, businesses, places, circumstances, pets, money, homes, lifestyles, etc. come and go constantly.  This is the very essence of how life works.  If it didn’t work that way we would not have had those people and things in our life in the first place!  So when we think about the things in our life it is best to focus on the good things that have come from changes that are occurring.  If you are happy where you are now, than your are guaranteed happiness in the next phase.  As Eckhart Tolle puts it, “The now is all there is.”  We have the ability to choose our now.  This is where your personal power lies.  This is where you decide what the next moment will bring.  I choose Happiness and Joy in this moment.  Now when I reminisce, I think about all the things that have changed, but I recognize that they no longer serve me.  Today I simply focus on everything in my life serves me well. 


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  1. This was a really nice, positive read Scott. I really like where I am right now and look forward to what’s ahead of me. I am always working on the positive in my life and how to turn those negatives into a positive. Although I do not agree with Tolle’s “the now is all there is” theory, I do believe that you set yourself up for your own future. I am a work in progress, so to speak. I know where my eternity lies and that is what’s most important to me in my life…here, now and when I leave this earth. Being happy and positive sure makes a difference in every day life. I thank you for pushing me to recognize the skills that I have and can use to get me there.

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