Loving what you do…All Good

Do you really love what you do?  Is it even possible to love everything you do?  I believe it is.  I love all that I do!  If you can get to the point where you promise yourself that you will love what you are doing in the moment and can sustain that kind of thinking and awareness for three weeks it will begin a new habit which in turn leads to a better way of being.

You may backslide from time to time, but you will notice your complaining will look and feel unnatural.  You will  notice that you like to love what you do.  The beauty of this philosophy is it applies to everything you do, not just what you do for work.  You have the option of choice, one of the greatest gifts we have as a species.  Use it and start right now loving what you do, no matter how trivial the task, which will lead to an overall better way of being.


Volunteering…All Good

What do you do for others in your community? Just about all of us do things for others because we enjoy being of service. There are those companies who are in the news giving millions of dollars, and many more man hours every year. Business is a perfect example of how synergy that is created benefits a common cause for the community. Every business I have owned has promoted giving back. It is my duty as a responsible business owner. Not because I have more to give, but because it is socially responsible.  You need not give to keep up with others who give, it is not a competition.  Those who give the most will tell you the point is to just give, no matter what amount of time or money.  Imagine if everyone could give an hour or two a week to a good cause. The impact would be immeasurable. It has been proven that the majority of those who have been touched by volunteerism from others are more likely to volunteer themselves after such an experience of Goodness! Kids, food banks, elderly, animals, adult education, homeless, and hundreds of others allow us to continue to give. Pick a subject that is near and dear to your Being, and take action so good can be shared by all!

Where you are right now…All Good

Talking with a friend over lunch and reminiscing about the “good old days” I found myself starting to think about what was not in my life anymore.  This is an easy trap to fall into!  I had to stop and think.  The days are all good and the now is most important since it determines the next now which in turn becomes a belief.  People, items, jobs, businesses, places, circumstances, pets, money, homes, lifestyles, etc. come and go constantly.  This is the very essence of how life works.  If it didn’t work that way we would not have had those people and things in our life in the first place!  So when we think about the things in our life it is best to focus on the good things that have come from changes that are occurring.  If you are happy where you are now, than your are guaranteed happiness in the next phase.  As Eckhart Tolle puts it, “The now is all there is.”  We have the ability to choose our now.  This is where your personal power lies.  This is where you decide what the next moment will bring.  I choose Happiness and Joy in this moment.  Now when I reminisce, I think about all the things that have changed, but I recognize that they no longer serve me.  Today I simply focus on everything in my life serves me well. 

My new format…

Well here we go!  Since I have launched my Sadler Business Coaching newsletter (sign up at  http://scottsadlercoach.com)  and it will focus on coaching and other business tips.  I decided to write my random thoughts on all the good that is as my topic for my blog.

Posts could be daily, weekly or monthly.  The idea is to write from “inspired action” as my coach Jennifer suggests we do with everything.  This is interactive, so if you would like to share your good things please do as often as you would like!  This is to serve as a place to be with the good even if you are in a negative situation now, you can come here to fill yourself on the good that is always present in out lives.

The Good: Today I get to go to work at the Small Business Development Center.  I am there only one day a week, but I am always excited to go.  The work is stimulating, the clients are great, and my co-workers and Director of the center are awesome.

Where is your good today?

Imagine your business serving you, instead of you serving your business!

You plan for your business concept, plan your cash flow needs, your marketing needs, your staffing needs, licensing, insurance, location, inventory, equipment, and a myriad of other logistics that may apply to your specific business or industry.

As Entrepreneurs this is not only our nature, but it is how we are taught. It cannot be understated how important it is to plan in a business for your future or there may be no future! There is one thing the majority of Entrepreneurs miss in the planning of a new business or improving an existing business, themselves. How do the dreams and goals of what the owner coincide with the goals of the business? Do they match? How will the business serve your personal goals, dreams and desires?
This is, in my humble opinion, the most overlooked aspect of planning for a business. This is akin to getting ready for a cross country road trip. You wash your car, change the oil, rotate your tires, pack your bags, plan your trip on a map, and then leaving with only a gallon of fuel in the car. You will make some progress, but without a Vision (fuel), your business may not be as appealing or fulfilling as you originally had hoped.
I have been an Entrepreneur since 1989. I have had huge successes and miserable failures. When I was successful the business served me and my personal life I desired. When I have failed my personal life was not being served by my business and so there was no sustainability for the life of the business. If you try to succeed without aligning your Vision with the business, then your personal life will have to adapt to the business. There is, in the beginning of any business, a certain amount of misalignment between the business direction and Vision. This should be temporary! There should be a point when the business comes into alignment with your overall Vision that provides what I call Holistic Happiness. This is the place where your business vision and your personal vision intersect. This is the place of joyous, calm, confidence that makes going into your business, not like working at all.
I discovered this for me quite by accident. I have been very systems oriented in my businesses over the years. People would ask me how I managed so many people so well, had such high customer retention, or was able to market and grow my business so quickly. I, believing there are really no secrets in running a business, would happily share what I was doing in my business thus helping others. Little did I realize at the time that the act of helping others as humans first and other roles second was my true calling.
A few businesses later, I wrote what I really wanted for my life. I spent as much time planning and thinking that through as I would a well thought out marketing plan or financial plan for my business that I would own a business that was on purpose. My concept would bring me and my customers’ fulfillment and value every day.

Coaching/Consulting was the obvious answer for me. I recognized my other businesses had been just a front for doing what I really was drawn to do, helping other business people. So I started working as an Adjunct Faculty member as a business advisor and instructor for the Small Business Development Center at the local community college, and a short time later started Sadler Business Coaching. There has not been one day I have not been excited to go to work at either place. I feel exhausted at the end of everyday but it is a really fulfilling kind of tired. My personal life is more fulfilling as well. I am able to do the things I want to do when I want to do them through working the systems I have implemented, but it all starts with the Vision.
There are four components to get you working on your own Holistic system for your life and business. Vision, Mission, Goals, and Time Management.
For the Vision, write down how your life would look if you had no concerns about relationships, time, or money. Just write, don’t over think! Than pare it down to a two or three sentence statement that reflects what you want from life. Will your business get your there? When? What will you have to do to make that happen in your business?
Next write your Mission for your business. The Mission is how your business serves your customers. What would you ideally like for your customers say about your product or service? This should support your Vision. Most of us get these backward and that leads to burnout and disillusion in your business. You cannot serve your customer and put your own needs second. It simply is not sustainable to do so.
Following this is a goal system that supports your Mission and Vision. These should be very specific, measurable, timely, and list who will be responsible. The key is if the goal does not serve your Vision and Mission it is not a worthy goal and should be replaced.
The foundation for all of this is time management. There are a many systems to choose from. Be sure to schedule days away from all business activities on a weekly basis to be at your best while in your business.
Your days should be structured in a way to ensure you are working on the important tasks that support your Mission and Vision. This may require delegating some things you had done in the past or restructuring your organization as a whole. Remember the old adage: It takes 21 days to become a habit. Changing daily task/time management habits will be important to propel you toward your ideal life.
If I can do this so can you. You can have it all! It requires asking what you really want out of life. Talk to somebody you trust and respect and ask their opinion. Don’t isolate yourself in this process. It is important to be supported. It can be sometimes lonely as and Entrepreneur, but it does not have to be that way. If you always work toward your ultimate Joy, everything else will fall into place. It comes down to focusing on, Personal Growth, Business Management, and Holistic Happiness. Just imagine, your business serving you, instead of you serving your business.
Contact me for more information about having me speak to your organization, or one on one coaching for your purpose, goals, and balance. http://www.scottsadlercoach.com/
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Three Rules for Better Strategic Partnering

What is a strategic partnership? It is many things including yet another business cliché. Why do I need them? It is not a good strategy to act as though you need no help in your business (or life for that matter). We all need help in our lives and in business. The key is to know where to go for that particular thing you need when you need it. This is the how. It works because it is based, for the most part, on trust and results. I have many strategic partnerships which enhance my practice and allows me to be more far reaching into the market instead of just sticking to my specialty in the industry.

Typically a client or a customer needs more than you can offer; I keep a stash of business cards so I have them handy as an example, when someone asks about needing an attorney. I relate the prior experience with him and what kind of work he has done for me. I than dig into me briefcase and give them a card and ask them to mention I referred them to him. This is win-win for me since I get to be the connection maker. My attorney, Mark Rutkowski, 503-399-2341 (shameless plug), gets a qualified lead, and my client, gets a highly experienced professional who has been a proven track record with me over the last ten years.

I have a large selection of partners to choose from in virtually all fields. If you are just starting in business or a new geographical area you have to be able to connect into others to share in their partnerships. The most important thing to remember is you are essentially referring yourself when you refer others. You have to know to the best of your ability that it is a good firm, person, or service. It will come back to haunt you if you refer bad service to your clients, friends, and family! Make sure an interview your partners from time to time to make sure you are sending them qualified leads. You do not want to keep them busy on potential customers that are not the target market. At the same time you will want to inform them about what you are looking for in a partnership. They may not be as good at referring as you are, but I do not get too hung up on this. I know if I keep referring, my clients get good service it will come back to me. I always thank referrals from my partners or after a job well done and follow up with the client after to see how they were treated by my partners.

Another great aspect of strategic partnerships is working together on projects. I have a few experts on things I can bring in at anytime to advise me or my clients on different topics as I see the need. It sends a strong message to my clients that I am not afraid to say I do not know. The important thing is to take care of what the client needs, period. Some other ways to use these partnerships: Marketing, advertising, fundraising, professional services, business services, and contracting work, that complement each other. Artist, retail, food or other type of co-op store. Manufacturing, distribution, import/export, retailer supply line partnerships.

The three most important things you can do to utilize these for the highest results.

1. Be a constant connector for your alliance, and clients/customers. Gain a reputation of someone who can help.
2. Know your strategic partners strengths, and target market. Switch partners if things are not going well.
3. Say thank you and encourage repeat behavior from your strategic partners. Deepen the relationship at every opportunity.
I would like to hear from you about how your strategic partnerships are, or are not working. Post your comments here.

All the Best,


I have been doing a lot of planning sessions lately due to the economy. If your business or non-profit, needs to revisit why and how you are doing business shoot me an email for a complimentary initial session. I will provide you with a list of recently satisfied clients to talk to as well!

Mentors, The Generational Impact

I had many mentors before I met Ron. They all had an influence on me in different ways. Most of it was as a kid, in sports, outdoors, in school, or as an aspiring young chef. When I went into business for myself I did not have any mentors. I just did what I thought I should do through trial and error. In fact many of us have similar stories. “I was not sure what to do and then all of a sudden I met _______ and with her advice everything changed!” Sound familiar?

I want to tell you about Ron LeBlanc my first real business mentor. I recently had lunch with him after not having seen him for years, yet his influence is experienced daily in my life by me, and through me toward others. It was early 1990 and I was trying to find a way to grow business in our janitorial company geared to the professional office market. I saw an article on Ron and his company talking about his move into a burned building near Bush Park and restoring it to its historical status. On a whim, I cut out the article and mailed it to him along with a business card and a cheesy letter about Clean Sweep, our company. I never gave it another thought until a week later I get the article mailed back to me with a handwritten note on the article that said “I appreciate clever marketing, call me for an appointment, and let’s talk.” Clever? Ok, I called and made an appointment. What has come from that is a relationship from which I learned how to be in business, deal with people, how to dress, where to market, how to network, community service, how to handle a business lunch, he introduced me to people, and on and on.

To this day I am not sure why Ron chose to stick with me. He was very busy, a family man, community leader, and avid traveler. He told me how someone had helped him, and it would be up to me to do the same for others and pass it along. At the time I did not know what I did not know. I did not give it any more thought to how that may work into my future. Watching Ron over the years gave me something to shoot for. I wanted to be well dressed like him, make people feel special the way he does, be fierce in defending my code of ethics and those of others, overcome adversity, and achieve set goals and adapt to change and I wanted to help others.

I am proud to say I am very much like him today. I am not him, but I am me with his influence. We should all be ourselves with others influence affecting us for the better, and we are always affecting others with our influence. It is important to remember this point. How you interact with your fellow humans is one of your legacies. These traits can get passed down from generation to generation. What do you want your legacy to be? Treat everyone with fairness and respect and your legacy will be positive and strong moving into generations beyond your years. You may never know the reach of your influence. Be kind to your co-workers, your family, the waiter, the gas station attendant and cashier. Sometimes the smallest overture can have the largest impact on some one’s life.

Recently, while driving home from mentoring a class of potential business owners, I got the following email from Ron who had just gotten word I started my Business Coaching practice. I had not seen him in three or four years.
“Hey Good Buddy,

Nineteen years ago, only two people in the world knew that you would make a great business coach. You and me. I saw your new member notice in the Chamber Business News. Get back to me and let’s get caught up. Lots of water under the bridge.”

This message took me back to being in my early twenties and feeling proud when he was proud. I am blessed to have Ron as a mentor in my life and I am grateful to be a part of his legacy. It is my hope to pass it along to many others.

Do you have a mentor or mentee story? I would like to hear about it and the impact it has had on your personal, and/or your professional life. Email me at scott@scottsadlercoach.com or share it here as part of the conversation.
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Failure is an Option

Let’s be real. Failure is always haunting us, circling overhead like a buzzard waiting for the prey to stumble. I have, like all of you, had my share of failures. Check these out, relationship, education, family, previous marriage, business, financial, hobby, and career and more I probably am not thinking of.

Where would you be without failure? Still in the womb! Friends, we need to fail from time to time to be able to expand our lives. If we did not fall when we learned to walk, how could we ever learn to run? Failure likes to pretend it is out of our control and there is nothing we can do about it. These are the times we must look to what our own accountability in the situation is or was. For me I can go through the list above and accept my part in the events and the lesson in all of my failures. It is the only way to truly move on from it and experience the success in waiting. Success cannot live simultaneously with failure. In order for us to get back on track and start creating success again we must nullify failures (fear) effects. I have listed six steps below to guide you through the process. It takes some work and time in most cases to work through some failure, so be prepared but keep moving to your next success.

1. Accept the situation is real, do not ignore it.
2. Accept your percentage of responsibility for the failure. This must happen to truly move on.
3. Show gratitude for the good in your life. There is always good in your life.
4. Believe deeply that this too, shall pass. Use it as an affirmation several times a day if needed.
5. Action cures fear, create a plan. Get advice, be open to suggestion, tackle issues, keep moving.
6. Plan for your next success, what good will come from this failure, what were the lessons I learned for my future? There is good and bad in failure. Give the power to the good!
What would have happened if Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Dave Ramsey and millions of others would have given up after failing? They were only unique because they followed the steps, or something similar to the ones above. You can start training yourself now by practicing these on small failures that happen organically everyday in your life. Car won’t start, meeting starts late, deals do not get closed, etc. How do you react to these things? However you react is an indicator on how you will deal with a major failure in your life. Apply the six principles above and feel the difference when you do not give failure power. As leaders it is critical to set the tone when failures occur. How will people react to your reaction? It always comes down to you. At the end of the day it is our action or inaction that defines who we are.
I know my failures intimately. I can recite each one to you if you ask me to and there are people in my life who can tell you about them too. But I would also tell you about how I overcame them, and succeeded. It all starts with the principles listed above. Life is about happiness, and there is no room in happiness for failure to exist as a lifestyle.

For more information visit my resource page http://www.scottsadlercoach.com/resources.html for reading material on this topic. Every one of the books here addresses overcoming failure. You can also contact me direct with any questions by phone or email. 503-364-2575 or scott@scottsadlercoach.com

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