Family, Old Friends, New Friends…All Good.

I know it has been awhile since I have posted.  It has been a very active Summer.  Camping, biking, and hiking in preparation to take friends up the South Sister in October for their first time.  All Good!  I am motivated to post now because of a great weekend and a fantastic past several weeks.

First to my brother Shawn, who is creating a new life for himself as a new dad, and embarking on a new career path all the while enjoying his life with a wondrous sense of newness.

Second to my 16 year old niece Lea, a beautiful, Intelligent, loving person, who has finished high school before her junior year!  (Is she really related to me?)  She just spent a week with me and it was a blast having her here.  We shopped, hiked cross country in the Cascades and she got to learn how to use a compass, but her favorite part was me telling her about and buying her first set of billy bob teeth.  (See the photo, this proves she is related to me!)

This weekend my friend Farrokh, of 26 years came to visit with his beautiful girlfriend Angela.  The bonds between true friends is difficult to describe without feeling very emotional for me.  I am blessed to have the friends I have in my life and am not embarrassed to tell them so.  My friend Lori joined us (a new friend of 10 years)  for dinner of grilled wild salmon, grilled asparagus, and a nice mushroom risotto by Chef Farrokh.  It was nice to cook together again after all these years.  It was a thrill for me to connect Lori with a friend from my previous life as a young man.

Meanwhile my best friend and wife Ingrid, missed the weekend since she had the opportunity to attend her Aunt and Uncles 60th wedding anniversary.  These are the last remaining relatives to her Dad’s family.  Thanks to Teri, Ingrid’s sister, they and brother Butch showed up unannounced as a surprise.  People were blown away!  They met cousins and others they may never have met otherwise, traveled to her birthplace for the first time since she was born, and truly reconnected to her roots.

Meanwhile my very artistic mother has just gotten some great news!  More on this in a later post.

Life is what we make of it.  Family, friends, community, business, food, wine, nature, love and joy in all that you do…All Good.  What you focus on expands.  What are you focused on?


Pushing your Boundaries…All Good

Recently I had the good fortune to spend a GREAT weekend in Central Oregon with friends. All of us, including my brother, needed a break from our routines. We ate, played golf, ate some more had wine and laughed continuously. All good, right? Well there was more going on this weekend. One of our friends, had never ran for exercise, or hiked over mountain (fear of heights). On the approach hike she also saw, and photographed a rattle snake. She is deathly afraid of snakes. In one weekend with the encouragement and support of her friends she faced and did all of these things! It was very special for me as she confronted her fear holding my hand all the way down the mountain.

This should remind us all to move toward our fears, no matter what it is. You will be a better person with more confidence when you do. My friend can attest to this as we celebrated her day with a Monkey Face Porter at the pub at the bottom of the mountain. All Good…

Physical, Hard Work…All Good

My best friend Mark and his girlfriend Gina asked me to help him cut down a tree. I needed my back brakes done. Perfect! While I was falling the tree he would do my brakes. We set a time and day and off we went. It was a 35ft tree with 4 different trees growing out of one. Big job. There was danger of hitting other trees and a home. Scary job. My grandson went along to help and thankfully Gina’s family came out to assist! I am happy to say all went well. No one got hurt, I still have excellent chainsaw skills, and we cut everything into firewood. Good hard physical labor makes you feel alive. Having grown up working that way makes you appreciate it more as you grow older. Today my body is feeling it! Muscles, kept dormant for a while are hurting. It feels good. In the end a rotting tree was removed, my brakes were done (both safety issues), people came together for a common goal, and we used our bodies and minds to solve problems, work together and feel alive. All Good…

Loving what you do…All Good

Do you really love what you do?  Is it even possible to love everything you do?  I believe it is.  I love all that I do!  If you can get to the point where you promise yourself that you will love what you are doing in the moment and can sustain that kind of thinking and awareness for three weeks it will begin a new habit which in turn leads to a better way of being.

You may backslide from time to time, but you will notice your complaining will look and feel unnatural.  You will  notice that you like to love what you do.  The beauty of this philosophy is it applies to everything you do, not just what you do for work.  You have the option of choice, one of the greatest gifts we have as a species.  Use it and start right now loving what you do, no matter how trivial the task, which will lead to an overall better way of being.

Volunteering…All Good

What do you do for others in your community? Just about all of us do things for others because we enjoy being of service. There are those companies who are in the news giving millions of dollars, and many more man hours every year. Business is a perfect example of how synergy that is created benefits a common cause for the community. Every business I have owned has promoted giving back. It is my duty as a responsible business owner. Not because I have more to give, but because it is socially responsible.  You need not give to keep up with others who give, it is not a competition.  Those who give the most will tell you the point is to just give, no matter what amount of time or money.  Imagine if everyone could give an hour or two a week to a good cause. The impact would be immeasurable. It has been proven that the majority of those who have been touched by volunteerism from others are more likely to volunteer themselves after such an experience of Goodness! Kids, food banks, elderly, animals, adult education, homeless, and hundreds of others allow us to continue to give. Pick a subject that is near and dear to your Being, and take action so good can be shared by all!

Where you are right now…All Good

Talking with a friend over lunch and reminiscing about the “good old days” I found myself starting to think about what was not in my life anymore.  This is an easy trap to fall into!  I had to stop and think.  The days are all good and the now is most important since it determines the next now which in turn becomes a belief.  People, items, jobs, businesses, places, circumstances, pets, money, homes, lifestyles, etc. come and go constantly.  This is the very essence of how life works.  If it didn’t work that way we would not have had those people and things in our life in the first place!  So when we think about the things in our life it is best to focus on the good things that have come from changes that are occurring.  If you are happy where you are now, than your are guaranteed happiness in the next phase.  As Eckhart Tolle puts it, “The now is all there is.”  We have the ability to choose our now.  This is where your personal power lies.  This is where you decide what the next moment will bring.  I choose Happiness and Joy in this moment.  Now when I reminisce, I think about all the things that have changed, but I recognize that they no longer serve me.  Today I simply focus on everything in my life serves me well. 

Nature+Friends….All Good

After a snowshoe outing near Mt Hood with our friends Mark and Gina, I am once again reminded of our deep connection with nature.  I cannot imagine my life without it.  We are truly blessed to live in Oregon!  Beaches, mountains, great city parks, rivers, lakes, creeks, and campgrounds.  I enjoy car camping as much as remote mountain climbing.  BEING in nature is what I crave.  Even a quick trip to the local park can serve that purpose.  It has never been me against nature, only me with nature.  There is a bonding between people that happens together in nature that cannot be duplicated.  Food tastes better, your body feels more at home, and all of your senses are sharper, and the conversations are less distracted from outside stimulus.  

In this gadget and digital age it is sometimes easy to get lost in the phone, blackberry, Facebook, tv, twitter, GPS, computer, iPod, Wii, kindle, LinkedIn, internet, etc., etc, etc.  For a “unique” experience try going out to the nearest park and enjoy the outdoors!  As humans we have an inherent connection to nature and the earth.  This interconnectedness is very real having been scripted in our dna from our earliest ancestors.  Who doesn’t love to sit around the campfire and do you really know why?  Getting in touch with this connection stays with you  for the rest of your life.  Everything in society is go, go, go.  In nature it moves along at its own pace, and after an hour you start to go with that flow.  Your heart rate slows, you start to see and hear things you most likely would miss in the city.  You will be very relaxed and sleep better, feel healthier, and have an overall sense of peace.  

In nature you do not have to “make” things happen.  You simply allow things to happen in its own way around you.  You discover you are a small piece of the greater whole.  If you are observant you may even see your role in it and can carry this into your other roles in life, creating a deeper sense of balance through being in touch with your natural self. 

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Work…….All Good

A good day of work, a-a-h-h! 

Work is good, as it feeds my soul, mind and body.  We only speak of good here on this blog.  Is your work good?  If not it is time for a paradigm shift.  Work is more than a means to and end.  It is the daily and moment to moment fulfillment that makes you want to come back for more. You should be tired in a good kind of way and thankful to work with a variety of people who make you grow as an individual and are a part of your process. 

So as I sip my day end Pinot, I propose a toast:  May every day you work leave you Fulfilled, Joyful and tired, but when rested make you hungry for more of the same the next day!

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Relationships…all good

I love having so many relationships with people, don’t you?  You see people you know and have pleasant interactions as you move throughout your day.  It is a treat when you feel honored by the store clerk or the gas station attendant, and all the others  that are working to serve us.  So here is to all people in my life everyday, and the synergy that occurs when we interact!    Are you being aware of your interactions with relationships in your day-to-day life?  Becoming aware is the best way to change your paradigm.  Honor yourself, by honoring others. 

It is all Good!


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My new format…

Well here we go!  Since I have launched my Sadler Business Coaching newsletter (sign up at  and it will focus on coaching and other business tips.  I decided to write my random thoughts on all the good that is as my topic for my blog.

Posts could be daily, weekly or monthly.  The idea is to write from “inspired action” as my coach Jennifer suggests we do with everything.  This is interactive, so if you would like to share your good things please do as often as you would like!  This is to serve as a place to be with the good even if you are in a negative situation now, you can come here to fill yourself on the good that is always present in out lives.

The Good: Today I get to go to work at the Small Business Development Center.  I am there only one day a week, but I am always excited to go.  The work is stimulating, the clients are great, and my co-workers and Director of the center are awesome.

Where is your good today?